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About Cheftini

About Cheftini

About Cheftini

Hi, my name is Tina and for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen. I really have no formal training in cooking and despite the really cute name of my website, I’m actually not a chef.

While I may not have graduated from some great culinary school, I got my start at an early age in the kitchen of my Italian Mama. While I often watched and did not ask too many questions, I learned that the most important ingredient in any dish is LOVE. Cook with LOVE and your meals will always taste go.

After getting married many many years ago, I quickly realized I needed to feed one hungry Italian and better start using those lessons learned in my Mother’s kitchen! I was faced with one big problem however, the so called recipes my mother and mother in law shared were only traditions of passed down ingredients. They were the kind of recipes where a pinch can be a handful and depending on the what you’re making, a cup can be as small as a shot glass, or as much as a coffee mug.  I’ve spent many painstaking years decoding these traditions, trying to perfect them and even revamping a few.

I decided to start this blog to share my family favorites, share other great published recipes and eventually to have blog followers share their recipes and tips as well. Sometimes, I am guilty of  “a pinch” and “a handful” type  descriptions, so please let me know if any of  my measurements are off. I can and  will adjust them for you.

Thanks for visiting!

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