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Who has Spring Fever? I definitely do!  And along with the spring fever comes my need to clean, declutter and renew my entire decor.  This year I am focused on my favorite room in the house… MY KITCHEN!  

My kitchen is fairly new but after years of staring at the same cabinets and decor, I feel like it needs a little refresher.  If I could I would change EVERYTHING, including the cabinetry….  but I just don’t got it like that, lol! S So as you can see, the only thing standing in my way is my GO BIG or GO HOME  personality.  With me, even the smallest changes can come with the biggest price tags. 

BUT Lucky for me and for YOU, I have some pretty cool friends with some pretty awesome talents.  <Insert my favorite design team from Classic Curtains and Interiors in Scarsdale HERE!>  They are graciously sharing with US their PRO Tips on how to Refresh your Kitchen and Keep your Bank Account Happy.  

Above are some BEFORE” pictures of MY KITCHEN.  And by before I mean my #currentkitchensituation. It’s a nice kitchen but definitely needs a pick me up.  And Now that I have some pro pointers, I’m getting rid of my ALL or NONE attitude and I am working on some changes. Stay tuned….I will share when all done!  In the meanwhile, scroll down and check out Classic Curtains’ PRO TIPS on how to update YOUR kitchen and Make your Gathering Space More Enjoyable, without breaking the bank! 

5 ways to update your kitchen and make your gathering space more enjoyable

by, Alison D. Comas, Owner – Classic Curtains and Interiors 

1.Clean up and declutter – This costs nothing except for a little bit of your time. Life happens and things get left on counters, chairs and on the table as our busy lives consume us. A dedicated area with a basket can help alleviate the all-over the kitchen funkiness. A cork board is great to pin up the school schedule and precious artwork. Dryboards are wonderful to write important to-do lists or messages to family members, plus no extra paper – just erase!

2. Paint – When was the last time your walls were refreshed? Paint is the cheapest of all the makeovers one can do themselves. Don’t have time to paint the whole kitchen, paint one wall a fabulous accent color. Or, if you have tired looking cabinets, a little elbow grease, combined with sandpaper and glossy paint, you will have new cabinets without breaking the bank.

Refreshing Paint color and organized shoe bin

3. Wallpaper – As a companion to freshening up your walls with paint, an accent wall of fabulous wallpaper could be the ticket to a brighter kitchen. There are so many new styles! Some mimic reclaimed wood or restored tin ceilings. There are also digital prints and textures. Don’t want to have an accent wall, put a faux tin pattern up on the ceiling. So many forget that the ceiling is the “fifth wall” in a room and should not just be white!

4. Knobs – Hardware can be a little more expensive, but sleek new pulls might pull you out of your doldrums. There is a myriad of online resources to look at new hardware and see what styles you like. Do your pulls have one or two screws for attaching to the doors? Be careful, you may have to drill new holes to accommodate a longer pull.

Photo Courtesy of Classic Curtains and Interiors

5. Artwork – A large poster or black and white prints in a collage of frames can also be fun. When you get tired of those, change them out for a different theme. Or, put your children’s artwork in frames rather than taping them to the wall and cabinets. Your children will be thrilled to see their artwork so beautifully displayed and you can easily change them out for the next school year.

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