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Amaretto Tiramisu Cake

Amaretto Tiramisu Cake

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It’s Tiramisu Time! I love Tiramisu, it’s one of the first “fancy” desserts I ever made when I first started in the kitchen.  It also happens to be the perfect no bake dessert, especially this time of year. I guess you could call this the Italian version of an Ice Box cake.  Coffee soaked Savoiardi (ladyfingers) stacked between layers of a sweet mascarpone cream that chills overnight to make the most delectable no bake dessert.  If you’ve mastered the art of patience then you can master this easy and delicious Tiramisu Amaretto Cake. 

Although my original tiramisu recipe includes raw eggs, I prefer this eggless version which swaps in fresh whipped cream instead.  I’ve made a few other changes to my original recipe, like using flavored amaretto creamer to replace amaretto liqueur and using regular coffee rather than the traditional espresso. I’ve also added into this recipe a few crushed amaretti cookies and sprinkled them in between each layer of the mascarpone cream. 

Tiramisu Cake LOGO


Not only have I changed up the ingredients a bit, I also like to make this Tiramisu in a springform pan.  While the general flavors are the same, the presentation on this is amazing.  A traditional tiramisu is usually layered inside of a casserole type dish without much fuss, but this did require a few additional steps, like cutting and lining the springform pan with savoiardi cookies.


So now are you ready to to start? You are, great! Here’s all you are going to need ( besides the Savoiardi Lady Fingers), mascarpone cheese, heavy cream to make whipped cream, confectioners sugar, flavored coffee creamer, 2 cups of strong coffee, cocoa powder, and optional amaretti cookies.  Oh and an 8″ springform pan.  You will need to prep the following steps below before getting started


  • Mascarpone Cheese: Soften the Mascarpone cheese for 15 minutes on the counter while you prep the remaining ingredients
  • Coffee: Brew 2-3 cups of strong coffee and set aside to cool in a shallow bowl; add 3-4 tablespoons of amaretto creamer and mix well. 
  • Whipped Cream: Put 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and about 4-6 Tablespoons of confectioners sugar in a chilled stainless steel bowl. Then with an electric mixer, whip cream until it reaches stiff peaks. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  • For the outside of the Tiramisu Cake: take about 24 lady fingers and cut them to about 3″ in length.  Place the cut ladyfingers into a lined springform pan, sugar side out until you have gone all the way around.
  • Amaretti Cookies: crush a cup of Amaretti Cookies in a plastic bag and set aside


Tiramisu Steps LOGO


To make the mascarpone filling you need to first cream together the confectioners sugar and amaretto creamer with the mascarpone cheese for about 3-4 minutes. Then gently fold in your whipped cream.  Now you are ready to begin layering.  Working quickly, take a lady finger and dip both sides into the coffee (see above).  I am stressing VERY quickly, otherwise you will oversaturate the ladyfinger and it will start to break. Begin placing each lady finger straight down the middle and then fill in the sides.  Here is where those cut tops come into play, they make great fillers for those small gaps. 


Once the first row is down, take a third of the mascarpone cream and spread all over the top of the lady fingers. I find using my small offset spatula to spread the mascarpone cream is the best kitchen tool for this. . Once completely covered sprinkle some crushed amaretti cookies over top.  Repeat this procedure two more times adding the crushed amaretti to each layer and ending with mascarpone at the top.  Sprinkle the top layer with cocoa powder and more crushed amaretti, cover well and refrigerate overnight. Don’t worry 24 hours isn’t really that long…. 

Tiramisu Step 3

The Next Day…..

It’s tomorrow, yay!  24 hours has passed and you’ve successfully resisted the temptation to unmold your Amaretto Tiramisu Cake.  Congratulations by the way, this is the hardest part. Remove the cake from the fridge and release the latch.  Then gently remove the ring upwards.  It should release relatively easy, but you may have to shimmy it a touch. Now you can safely transfer the cake to a serving dish.  If there is enough lip on the parchment paper you might be able to slide it off the base.   Honestly I just leave it because it would be tragic for this work of art to fall apart.   

Amaretto Tiramisu Cake Springform Pan logo

Using a serrated knife just cut the tiramisu like a traditional cake. The lady fingers are softened from having soaked up all that coffee and cream which gives it a cake like texture.  My favorite part is the mascarpone cream, I could eat this with a shovel. Oh my gosh, so so good!   


Oh and this cake also freezes well, so you can make this well in advance.  It’s actually really good slightly frozen too.  And just an additional side note, I like to make this alcohol free but you can totally add your favorite liqueur to the mix if you desired.  


As fancy as it looks and sounds, there really is not much to this no bake Amaretto Tiramisu delight.  Like I said before, the only real skill you will need to have mastered in making this cake is patience.  If I can wait it out, trust me…. so can you!  But don’t wait now, save your patience for later. Then when all is said and done,  grab a friend, a cup of espresso, maybe even have a seat outside and ENJOY!!   

Amaretto Tiramisu Cake Set Up logo


tiramisu cake



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tiramisu cake

Amaretto Tiramisu

Coffee soaked Savoiardi (ladyfingers) stacked between layers of a sweet mascarpone cream that chills overnight to make the most delectable no bake dessert.
Cuisine Italian
Servings 8


  • 36 Savoiardi Lady Fingers
  • 16 oz Mascarpone Cheese softened
  • 2 cups Whippped cream (or 12 oz of Cool Whip)
  • 3 cups Cofee strong
  • 6 Tbslp. confectionary sugar
  • Cocoa Powder
  • 1 cup crushed amaretti cookies
  • 3 Tbslps. Flavored Amaretto Creamer divided


  • Line a spring form pan with parchment paper. Put coffee in a shallow bowl and add 2 tbsp. Of amaretto creamer; mix well. Trim 24 Ladyfingers to 3" (reserve the tips). Line the edges of springform pan with cut ladyfingers (sugared side out).
  • Cream together powdered sugar, 1 tbsp. of amaretto creamer and softened mascarpone cheese together for 3-4 minutes in medium speed. Scrape down sides of bowl as needed. Fold in prepared whipped cream and set aside.
  • QUICKLY Dip ladyfingers on both sides one at a time and place into the pan. Start down the Middle and then work your way out. Use the extra tops as well. Once the first layer is down add a 1/3rd of the mascarpone cream and spread out with a spoon or offset spatula. Sprinkle with crushed amaretti. Repeat layering process 2 more times. Put Cocoa powder in a shaker and shake over the last layer of mascarpone and top with a sprinkle of more crushed amaretti. Cover well and refrigerate overnight.
  • Carefully unhinge the springform pan and release from the base. Place on a serving dish and slice with a serrated knife.


*Can be frozen
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.