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Best Roasted Pepper Recipes

Best Roasted Pepper Recipes

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Mealtimes aren’t easy as they used to be am I right?!

Between empty shelves and spending less time out of the house, getting dinner on the table lately seems to be a little more harder these days.  This is where I can help.. lucky for you I am the world’s biggest procrastinator and eleventh hour meal planner, shopping limited supplies is exactly what I’ve been doing my whole married life.

In fact I’ve literally built this blog around the #whatsfordinner challenge because of my uncanny knack to put things off, lol.  I guess you can say I’ve been training my whole cooking life for moments just like this.

Since I realize not everyone is a master procrastinator like me, I combed through my pantry for some of the most versatile items that I could share with you. One of my favorites is Roasted Peppers.

Not only is grabbing a bottle or two of jarred roasted peppers a good idea because they’re easy to use, but they are super versatile and packed with flavor. You can use these peppers to make sauces, marinades and even dressings.

Instead of making you search all over the blog for roasted pepper recipes, I decided to link them all up here on this post. Check out my 3 favorite recipes below and don’t be afraid to modify with any of the ingredients if necessary.

A lot of substitutions can be made. 

Stay safe, Mangia and enjoy!

Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Mascarpone Sauce

This simple Chicken dish in a creamy roasted red pepper sauce is made with Mascarpone Cheese but can easily be modified using cream cheese. This can also be used as a pasta sauce. 

Skillet Mascarpone Roasted Red Pepper Chicken


Pasta Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Dressing:

This pasta salad is tossed in the most delicious, no-cook roasted red pepper puree along with slices of black olives and the cutest little balls of mozzarella cheese. 

Grilled Chicken with a Roasted Red Pepper Marinade:

This simple Roasted Red Pepper marinade  will definitely give your chicken a much needed pick me up.  

Roasted Pepper Puree



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.