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Mason Jar Black Bean Dip

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7 layer dipBlack Bean Dip in a Mason Jar for Cinco de Mayo….

I stumbled across a photo from another blogger (see below) who showed a Mason Jar filled with cherry cheesecake (on Instagram).  This concept is simply brilliant! I’ve been eager to showcase this idea on my blog.  What better day than Cinco de May0 is there to post a festive Black Bean layered dip using the mason jar idea?! This is dip is delicious and colorful. 

WARNINGmason jars might be my new obsession!

 I love things to taste good but that’s not enough for me. I’m also all about aesthetics and presentation.  The possibilities of what can go inside are endless!

Here’s a quick play by play (I’m not going to bore you with layer after layer of pictures)

The concept for 7 layer dip is basically the same whatever the specific ingredients you use – layer, layer,layer!  I found this 7 layer bean dip on (click link for the recipe). I substituted a few different ingredients.   

I substituted the refried beans with black beans and I used a peach-mango salsa.  I also modified the quantities to fit inside a 3″ mason jar.  I love this mason jar with the attached self sealing lid.  I also purchased the salsa and guacamole for ease of preparation. 

NOTE: I placed the salsa at the top because I thought it would drip down a little and season the other ingredients.  From a visual standpoint I would layer in the middle next time. 

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 *I would like to credit the Wanna Bite blog for posting the cherry cheesecake picture on their instagram account*




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.