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Game Day Cupcakes and Party Theme

Game Day Cupcakes and Party Theme

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Are you ready for football this weekend? It’s hard to believe we are in playoff season already. In my house, Win or Lose,  the NY Jets are always the favorite team! My son by virtue of birthright, is a big football fan, most notably JETS fan (and Rangers fan as you can see below).  My husband would have it no other way.

Although my husband is a huge football and hockey fan it took my son some time to really warm up to the idea.  But now he really has grown into an avid sportsman, and probably knows more about sports than some adults I know.  While he loves all sports, football is definitely his favorite. And now as a young man in his early teens, he and my husband have a special bond and love for sports that quite honestly, I will never get.  And that’s ok, it’s their special thing and nothing makes me happier.

Wilton Football Cupcake Mold

So as we approach his birthday this weekend and all the playoff football hype, I am reminded of all the Football Parties we’ve had over the years.  Most memorable was last year’s “Game Day” themed gathering.  With an amazing spread of football favorites,  the “Game Day” winner was these Football shaped cupcakes. They were so easy to make and decorate I almost felt guilty serving them.  With some help from my football shaped Silicone Cupcake Mold by Wilton and a little creativity, I whipped up some pretty cool football shaped cupcakes. Once they were cooled off I decorated them with white cookie icing (store bought), and some green coconut grass.  They were easy, cute and fun!

Wilton Football Cupcake Pan

If you’re planning to watch the game these coming weeks then these football cupcakes are a must. You still have time to order this Wilton Football Cupcake pan on Amazon.



To start: I prepared a standard box of chocolate Duncan Hines Cake Mix and followed the directions for baking.

  • Although this pan is silicone you MUST grease the wells – well.  Do not skip this step.
  •  Do not overfill the wells.  I wouldn’t fill them more than 2/3rds(even less is better). You can see below what happens when you fill them too high.
Football Cupcakes 1

The first batch I made overfloweth with cake and looked more like molten lava than football cupcakes.

  •  If you overfill don’t worry you can still use them.  Flip them out, cool them and then with a serrated knife cut off the excess on the back (to even out) and flatten.
  • Once cooled outline the football stitching accents with a white cookie icing or a gel frosting pen.
  • To present your cupcakes you can dye some shredded coconut green to look like they are on grass. To do this you need mix coconut with a few drops of green food coloring.  Then dry out the coconut a bit in the oven. Spread the green coconut flakes over some aluminum foil and place it into the cooling oven for about 15-20 minutes. Allow a few hours to let it dry.

Football Cupcakes 7

Here is how I presented these football cupcakes.  You may have a better idea .. please share if you do!


Happy baking! And Happy Birthday to my favorite son!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.