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Optigrill + by T-fal

Optigrill + by T-fal

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This blog post is sponsored by my friends at T-Fal USA, as always opinions are my own. Please support the brands that help me bring you good food and products. #TfalXGrillingSeason 

Hey guys, I’ve got a great new product I want to share with you! It’s the Optigrill + by T-fal.  The Optigrill is an automatic sensor grill that can sense when your food is done. Now you might be asking yourself, why is she sharing an INDOOR grill with us smack dab at the start of summer?  And that’s a fair question….  One of which I do have an answer to, actually several answers too. I’ve got an answer for everything by the way, so….

To start with, my outdoor grill is on the fritz and finding a new one that I can really commit to is proving to be more difficult than I thought.  So enter my NEW Summertime Indoor Grilling Companion…. the Optigrill from T-fal. While MY situation is unique, I do have some very relatable reasons that you might be looking for an indoor grill during summer, like it’s perfect on rainy days, apartment life and in my opinion, college life.  It’s also perfect for the home cook who is just not comfortable cooking on the outdoor grill. Not to mention, this grill is so versatile that it also makes Paninis… BOOM!

Optigrill Tfal

Being grilless during the warmer months is not my ideal situation, so as you can imagine when my friends at T-fal sent me this grill I unboxed it rather quickly and got to cooking!   And you know how I roll, the Optigrill and I spent a lot of time together.  I’ve been  grilling up a storm for weeks before even sharing it with y’all. From poultry to steaks, and sausage,  I really tried this grill out! After a few weeks of use I quickly realized that this grill was indeed a smart, versatile, easy to clean little machine. It is designed with an auto sensor that senses the thickness of your food and pretty much knows when it’s cooked through. 

Once you turn the power on you choose your cooking program (i.e., burgers, fish, poultry, etc…) then the grill begins to preheat. When the grill beeps, you place your food inside, close the lid and the optigrill does the rest of the work.  Beeping it’s way each time your food reaches a different level of doneness. There is also an LED display that changes color through the cooking process that let’s you know what stage of cooking your food is at.  The optigrill will then sound off when your food is done. That’s a no brainer in my book. It also has a Manual mode option that let’s you take charge and decide how well or rare you want your meat.  And if you’re a last minute planner like me (holla!), the frozen food grilling option is a huge bonus.  When allis said and done, the removable grilling plates make cleanup a breeze!

All in all I really liked the OPtigrill + from T-fal.  Whether you are living in an apartment or a house, or mother nature rained on your well planned BBQ, this grill is a good option in my book.  Oh and speaking of books, it also comes with a great book of recipes for all your grilling needs! 

Make this Paprika Spiced Grilled Chicken HERE

If you are interested in purchasing the Optigrill + by T-fal please use my Amazon Affiliate Link below. I do receive compensation from Amazon for any purchases that are made through my affiliate account. Thank you for your continued support.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.