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 5 Napkin Burger in Ridge Hill

 5 Napkin Burger in Ridge Hill

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I recently attended an exclusive tasting of Happy Hour specials and cocktails at the new 5 Napkin Burger restaurant in Ridge Hill (Yonkers,NY).  At first 5 Napkin Burger might sound like another fast food hamburger spot (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but when you walk in the doors you quickly realize it’s more like a burger bistro that takes casual dining to the next level. It’s the type of place where you can stop in for a quick bite at the bar or reserve a table for a full dining experience with family and friends.  Once you sit down and really look at the wide ranging menu you quickly see that it is far more than your average burger joint….

5 Napkin is known for its signature beef burger with 5N sauce (which is kinda like Russian Dressing), but they don’t only cater to a carnivorous burger crowd. They also extend their welcome mat to vegetarians, sushi eaters and taco lovers as well.   There is a lot on the menu other than burgers to choose from.  Depending on the type of dining experience you are looking for, you can sit at a table and enjoy a full meal or grab a stool at their sprawling bar and enjoy some of their Happy Hour favorites like I did.

For starters, they have these mouth watering chuck sliders topped with caramelized onions and rosemary aioli. I think I had 3 that night! And even though I was sitting at the “grown up” table, I didn’t pass up the chance to try their cookies and cream style milkshake, complete with little bits of crunchy oreo cookies. So good! 

5 Napkin Chuck Slider with Carmelized Onions

Ridge Hill’s 5 Napkin Happy Hour runs Monday-Friday from 4pm – 6pm. It features great food, drinks and deals like $2 sliders, .50 cent wings and  $4 craft beers.


As I mentioned, 5 Napkin also offers vegetarian options.  I really love a good burger, but I was not missing the meat with their Veggie Burger slider.  It was dolloped with the signature 5N Sauce and topped with a classic butter pickle. It was a delicious alternative to a meatful burger.

Oh and the 5 Napkin Happy Hour was not complete without these giganticly huge (is that even a word?) crispy panko breaded onion rings.  

5 Napkin Happy Hour Sliders

In addition to the onion rings, they also offer a healthful Edamame Hummus with miso (tahini, sunflower seeds, & sprouts) that’s served with a warm flatbread.  As a hummus and flatbread lover, this was really a welcome addition to the menu that night. 

Edamame Hummus

Oh ma gosh all this food and I haven’t even gotten to the drinks yet!   What would Happy Hour be without a bar? And not just any bar, a full service bar that offers plenty of seating, and a well stocked menu  that offers everything from various types of beer, wine and an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

At the 5 Napkin Happy Hour tasting I went all Romana-esque <insert RHONY reference> with a cool crisp Pinot Grigio, but fellow foodgrammer and social media influencer, Antonella from @Food_Getboutit, sampled 5 Napkin’s newest cocktails the “Smokin Rosie” and “Holy Moley”.  

FoodGetAboutIt Smokin Rosey Holy Moley 5Napkin

Photo Credit @Food_Getaboutit

I really enjoyed the food, drinks and atmosphere of 5 Napkin.  It was an enjoyable evening shared with some of my foodie friends.  I of course took home a little baggie filled with a few 5 Napkin sliders for my ever hungry teenager.     

Tina DiLeo Kate Schlientz

Me and my extraordinary foodie friend, Kate Schlientz(Intoxikate)

Imagine I enjoyed all this good eats just so I could share it with all of you.  See how much I love you guys!  Now hopefully you’ll go check out 5 Napkin for a unique burger bistro experience.  The Ridge Hill location is the perfect spot for catching a quick bite to eat before hitting the movie theater, but equally inviting for a complete sit down dinner with family or friends.  They even offer a private dining area which is a great option for birthday parties and corporate events.  If you haven’t tried it yet put it on your list of must trys! 

5 Napkin 
211 Market Street, Ridge Hill
Yonkers, NY, 10710

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