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Brunch Series 1: Culinary Carousel

Brunch Series 1: Culinary Carousel

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Do you love Brunch?  Of course you do! What’s not to love about a meal where mornings and afternoons collide in a symphony of flavors and endless possibilities. I’m thrilled to announce this will be my first in a Weekly Brunch Series post.  Be sure to check in every Thursday for some brunch-time inspo. This week’s post is a culinary carousel of  a delightful string bean salad, an irresistible Everything but the Bagel Ham and Cheese bite, a simple no-bake oreo truffle, and rounding this brunch menu off is a fun-filled Passion Tea Lemon-tini Cocktail. 

String Bean Tomato Salad

Every Brunch needs a salad! Ammi right?!  This String Bean Tomato Salad is a classic summer dish. It combines crunchy string beans with juicy summer tomatoes. It’s a refreshing salad with a burst of fresh flavors. 


Green Bean and Tomato Salad


Everything Bagel Ham and Cheese Bites

Brunch just got a whole lot easier and tastier with these savory Everything Bagel Ham and Cheese Bites. They are an irresistible savory grilled ham and cheese sandwich seasoned with the irrestible flavors of everything bagels that are cut into little squares for a bite size treat. 

Everything Bagel Ham and Cheese Sandwich


Oreo Cookie Truffles

If you love simple Chocolate recipes then you will love the rich, creamy and utterly addictive Oreo Cookie Truffles. This recipe could not be easier. You are only 3 ingredients away from being  in chocolate heaven. Make them at least once and you’ll agree! 

Passion Tea Lemontini

Elevate your brunch celebration with this fun and refreshing Passion Tea Lemontini. It blends the vibrant flavors of passion tea with a zesty lemon twist and a splash of vodka. The best part of this cocktail is how easy it could be made into a Mocktail with the addition of your favorite sparkling soda.

Passion Tea Lemontini

That’s a wrap on the first weekly Brunch Series post. Check back in next week for another round up of inspiring breakfast meets lunch dishes. 

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