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Oh Em Gee! How cute are these Acorn Treats?!  I am just over the moon in love with them.They are easy to make and a must try for your upcoming fall celebrations and holidays!   

This fun fall idea is another one of those great finds from the packaging itself – I found it on the back of  my bag of fall themed Hershey’s Kisses.

Acorn Kisses

You know I enjoy sharing my own recipes and ideas but I also LOVE to share other great recipes and ideas that I find on some of my favorite products.  

This chocolate kiss acorn treat is a great project to do with the kids too ….

Just a few quick tips I found helpful when making these adorable treats:

  • Chill the chocolate Kisses prior to assembly – the chocolate was melting a little bit in my hands when it was at room temperature.
  • If you don’t have a pastry bag use the tip of  a toothpick – I did this and it worked fine.   

This recipe idea is from Hershey’s

As always I Really look forward to your feedback so let me know if you like this idea in the comments below.  If you make this Acorn treat let me know how it worked it and what you did with them.  

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