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My Cauliflower Saffron Risotto from the Dr. Oz Show

My Cauliflower Saffron Risotto from the Dr. Oz Show

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A while back my son decided he wanted to try the Keto Diet.  The Keto diet is basically one of those low carb, high fat diets that is supposed to help you lose weight by putting your body into something called “ketosis”. To get to this stage and maintain it, you are only allowed a certain number of carbohydrates a day.  When my son decided to try this “diet” I thought it was going to be quite a challenge since he never met a carbohydrate he didn’t like. Honestly, cooking was really going to be a problem too because we’re a pasta eating, bread loving kind a family.  The challenge was on and this Cauliflower Saffron Risotto recipe was born.

It’s actually not an offensive dish,lol.   With so many “cauliflower fried rice” type recipes out there I just went with what I knew best, risotto. The two of us really loved it. In fact it was definitely on our weekly menu rotation for a while.

Even though the Keto diet didn’t last that long in our household, the cauliflower “risotto” did and as luck would have it, when i had the opportunity to share a recipe on the Dr. Oz show last month using cauliflower as a healthier choice substitute, I immediately knew this would be the dish!  They loved the idea of it being a “risotto” style dish rather than the traditional “fried rice” and I was excited to share it on air.

A superstar on stage for sure! I think it needs it’s own dressing room for sure.   I was even more excited that I got to share the stage with Julia Collin Davison from America’s Test Kitchen.  She was the taste tester for this segment and she said it was “delicious” and even went in for an impromptu second bite. I mean pinch me am I dreaming!

I even got to chat it up with everyone’s favorite Italian Cook, Pasquale Sciarappa from @orsararecipes. He’s the spunky Italian that shares some amazing recipe videos over on YouTube and Facebook. He even came into my dressing room to share cooking tips! So much fun, God Bless him what a great guy.

I think you have to try this one guys so head on over to the Dr. Oz Show Website where my recipe is featured!So cool, right?! I guess I owe this one to my son for putting my creative culinary skills to the test. So thanks a bunch, Robert!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.