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Cheftini’s Kitchen Holiday Favorites

Cheftini’s Kitchen Holiday Favorites

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*NOTE:This post contains links to my Amazon Affiliate Account. While I may receive a small commision on the items posted below, these are legit MY FAVORITE kitchen items that I use DAILY! When you use the links below it helps me maintain the website so I can continue to share magical meals in minutes with y’all! * 

I have a small house and an okay sized kitchen without a whole lotta extras. As the kids say these days … it’s pretty BASIC.  Fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for all that I have but for someone like me that loves to be in the kitchen, there can never be enough,lol! With everyone posting their holiday gift guides this year, I thought It would be a great opportunity for me to share a few of my Kitchen favorites.

While I have most of the items on this list, there are a few here that are actually on my own WISH list.  So Santa pay attention if you are reading this.  I know for a fact I have been very good this year, lol!

My Must Haves

Cheftini’s Collaborative e-cookbook “Home Cooking for the Holidays” – $5 

This is a collaborative e-cookbook that I designed last year benefitting the Food Bank for Westchester’s “Feed A Family Campaign”.  It is filled with 50 pages of recipes that have been donated and contributed by business and my foodie friends from ALL over the country! For every $25 raised the Food Bank can provide a holiday meal for our neighbors in need! Please consider! 


Food Bank for Westchester

⇒ OSTER 20 QT Electric Roaster

Even though I LOVE to cook, it’s often hard to host holidays and large gathering with just one stove. Yes! I only have one stove and oven. Challenging for some but not for me (anymore)! Why? Because a few years ago on a trip to my local big box store, I found the OSTER 20 qt Electric Roaster.  Although very skeptical at how this could possibly cook my 22 lb bird, the kitchen gadget lover in me HAD to give it a try.  I’m happy t report that I am so glad i did! Not only did it solve my one stove issue for the holidays, but it cooked the meat in like half the time and it was so moist and easy to use! If you are short on oven space for any occasion, I highly recommend the OSTER 20 QT Electric Roaster.

 KitchenAid Professional Mixer 

Although it takes up a little bit of space on my kitchen counter, I could not get through the holidays without my KitchenAid Professional Mixer.  From cookies and cakes to mashed potatoes, this mixer does it all.  I could go on endlessly about how much I love this thing but I think the name and the brand speak for themself.  It’s a must have in my kitchen and if you are really short on space then consider the standard KitchenAid Mixer which is slightly smaller.

Click HERE you deserve it!



⇒ Basic Knife Set

A basic knife set is a must for any home cook. This is not the set that I have but it is very similar and not very expensive. 

⇒ Salad Spinner

I LIVE for my salad spinner. I mean could be worse than wet, soggy lettuce? It is also the perfect tool for drying any leafy greens like spinach, escarole and all my herbs!

Food Mill

Another item that I can not do without is my food mill (passa tutto for my Italian friends).  Every good tomato sauce starts with a food mill (or passa tutto as my italian friends know it).  It is the perfect kitchen tool for straining and seeding the tomatoes.  It is also the perfect tool for straining other vegetables too! Use it for soups and even mashed potatoes.  I do not see the food mill that I am currently using in my kitchen available on AMAZON but the link above offers a great alternative.

T-fal Pro-grade Titanium Cookware Set

My friends at Tfal recently sent me a set of their prograde titanium cookware to test out and I have to say I have been using them in my kitchen everyday! I love all the pots and pans from this set but I am especially fond of the Saute pans … they really help take the stress out of mealtime!

Mini Ice Cream Scooper

This little scooper is my BEST friend in the kitchen. From baking cupcakes to scooping meatballs I use this for EVERYTHING! Would make a cute little stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie!

OptiGrill +  by Tfal 

The OptiGrill Plus is an indoor grilling machine that I also received from my friends at Tfal.  At first I thought it was going to be just like any other indoor grill but turns out it is so much more.  With it’s smart sense technology, you can set it to tell you when your foods are cooked to the precise doneness of your choice and since it cooks from both sides it seals in moisture when cooking meats, leaving your food perfectly cooked and moist.  It’s also a great tool for panini. No matter what time of year or the weather, the optigrill is my go to for indoor grilling.

Cuisinart Handheld Immersion Blender 

I love my Immersion blender. You literally puree your foods right in the pot! I also use it to disguise those veggies in soups and stews.

Farberware Percolator Coffee Pot 

A few months back my oh so faancy coffee machine broke down.. it was not even a year old! I decided back to basics for my brew was the best way to go.  I have not been disappointed yet! I also love that I can free up counter space and store this in the cabinet when I’m done using it.


Professional Baking Sheets 

I use these sheet pans for EVERYTHING! I literally have 6 half sheets, 2 quarter sheets and one extra large sheet pan! I use them for all my baking needs of course but also for roasting foods and for making pizza! Actually this is my go to pizza pan!

Clear OXO Good Grips Storage Canisters 

Every kitchen needs a good set of storage canisters for things like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, etc… The list goes on, on and on. Not only do they keep food fresh but I love that they are clear which takes the guesswork out of what’s in which.


Over the Sink Colander

FAVORITE kitchen tool! FAVORITE! Brilliant invention and concept and I highly recommend.

Offset Spatula

You need these little guys. Yes in all sizes.  They are the perfect tool for baking as well as getting into tight little corners when you’re cooking.  I use them to spread batter, icing and chocolate evenly.

Cuisinart Mini Chopper 

I use my mini chopper for just about all my fine chopping needs.  I actually prefer it to the larger one because its more compact, easier to store and does almost the same job.


Instant Pot

I might be one of the only food bloggers that does not own an Instant Pot. Shocking, I know! Everyone that has it raves about it.  I’m not sure why I haven’t invested in it yet but it is on my WISH LIST.  I am really hoping SANTA will bring me one this year 🙂

Le Creuset Dutch Oven 

Another WISH LIST item! I need to get my hands on one of these Le Creuset Dutch Ovens. It’s a lil’ pricey but you can use it for so many different things! From soups and stews to roasting meats! Every cook should have a Le Creuset in the kitchen! I wish I could be like Oprah and give one to you all! #yougetaLeCreusetandyougetaLeCresuetandyougetaLeCresuet


Last wish list item! Another big ticket item for some but this Vitamix is everything to the serious home cook. I actually can not believe I do not have one of these yet!

WOW! That’s some list and I am almost certain I left another 25 things out!

Just remember while these tools are great helpers during the holidays, they are equally great ALL year through! 

Happy Shopping!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.