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As promised I made Steak Pizzaiola with fresh Campari tomatoes LIVE on Facebook. Here’s the video and recap of the dish. (Please forgive the less than perfect video as I record these LIVE in action from my phone). 


Steak Pizzaiola is one of those quick and flavorful dishes that might seem tricky, but is made with few ingredients in relatively little time.   If you don’t know, Steak Pizzaiola is a traditional southern Italian dish which is made in the style of the Pizza Man, hence the tomatoes and oregano.  The trick is to use thin sirloin eye round steaks, the thinner the steaks the quicker this will be done.  Also as I mention in the video, do not salt your meat until after it sears otherwise you run the risk of boiling it instead.  All in all I think this dish can be done in less 25 minutes.  Hope you like it! 

Steak PizzaiolaI also want to say “Thank you” to everyone that has been watching and interacting on these cooking segments.

If you are on Facebook please join me for the next scheduled segment which will be on Tuesday at around 4pm. Check my Facebook page for updates on what I’ll be cooking.