Top 10 Suggestions for a Good Tomato Sauce:

 1. Use San Marzano tomatoes (if possible)

2. Use a good quality olive oil

3. Fresh, Fresh,Fresh: Garlic;Basil; Parsley; onion is optional.

 4. Stir, stir, stir – don’t let your sauce stick to the bottom.

5. Salt your sauce after it comes to a boil.  

6. Use a food mill (passa tutto) or immersion blender. You can pass the tomatoes through a food mill to strain the seeds and puree. An immersion blender can also puree all the ingredients.

7. Sauce should be thick but fluid. If your sauce is pasty then you might want to add a little more olive oil.

8. Add a carrot or celery stick to acidic tomatoes.  (Usually I drop into a large pot of sauce that cooks a long time)

9.  You should add a little water to sauce. *Add it gradual because you can’t turn back*  

10. Cook it slow and low.

 Here are some pasta dishes made with my homemade sauce…


Fettuccine with quick Tomato and Basil Sauce


Marinara Sauce with Ravioli and Cavatelli


Bucatini Pasta with a Sunday “Gravy” Sauce